Data Loss Prevention

Data loss prevention (DLP) refers to the software tools and procedures used to safeguard confidential information and identify the existence of bad actors attempting to access your data.

Enterprise DLP and Integrated DLP are the two primary categories into which DLP technology falls. Integrated DLP is restricted to secure web gateways (SWGs), secure email gateways (SEGs), email encryption products, enterprise content management (ECM) platforms, data classification tools, data discovery tools, and cloud access security brokers. In contrast, Enterprise DLP solutions are comprehensive and packaged in agent software for desktops and servers, physical and virtual appliances for monitoring networks and email traffic, or soft appliances for data discovery (CASBs).

Major Features:

  • Identify and Classify Data

  • Implement a single centralized DLP program

  • Auditing and reporting

  • Alerting

  • Detecting abnormal or suspicious user behavior

Deployment Model:

  • DLP On-Prem Solution

  • Deploying DLP through cloud.

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