Identity Access Management

Identity and Access management refer to the ability to manage user identities and their access to the IT resources such as systems, applications, files, devices, and networks. IAM frameworks allow information technology (IT) administrators to govern user access to sensitive data within their businesses. Privileged access management, two-factor authentication, single sign-on systems, and multifactor authentication are all utilized in IAM. The capacity to securely retain identify and profile data is another feature offered by these platforms, as are data governance features to guarantee that only information that is required and pertinent is shared.

Major Features:

  • Single Sign-On.

  • Self-service access requests.

  • Compliance and audit Services.

  • Privileged account management.

  • Multifactor Authentication

Deployment Model:

  • Deploying Identity & Access Management on-premises.

  • Deploying Identity & Access Management in the cloud.

  • Deploying a hybrid Identity & Access Management platform.

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